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Since 1987, our mission has stayed the same: Make the customer happy. We believe that every household and business deserves reliable, reputable, experienced, and courteous plumbing experts that don’t just talk but actually deliver on the promises to fix the problems you hired them for. This is exactly what we aim to do and have done for the past 30 years! 

Top L.A. Plumbers is a family based company that has grown by providing top quality service to those living in Los Angeles County. We believe in a no nonsense rule because providing the truth always allows customers to make the best decision possible. In order to do our best, we also obtain the best equipment to diagnose the various problems we come across. After all, no one likes seeing their homes wrecked because inexperienced individuals are making holes throughout your property looking for answers. 

Forget about it! Hire us, let the job be done right so that you can move on with your life! Our team is dedicated to giving you the best quality for your money, whether you own a small home or a commercial space.

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